Amplifiers and Accessories of the Finest Quality in Beverley, East Yorkshire

You are able to enhance your guitar-playing experience with our vast selection of guitar accessories and amplifiers. Purchase your guitar strings from us at our guitar shop in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and we will fit them absolutely free. We are the only ones in the area to offer this.

Amp It Up

From tube and bass amplifiers to models specifically for ukuleles, we boast a full range of amplifiers for your instrument of choice. The simplest version is
a 10W amplifier, which is loud enough to play in your home, and we also provide 100W amp stacks for maximum volume. With FX pedals to complement your amp and stacks with multiple features, the brands that we offer include:

Complement Your Guitar

Everything that you need for your guitar is available at The Guitar Workshop Beverley. With guitar strings and tuners to DVDs and protective cases, our team offer you helpful advice and guidance on the accessories you need to boost your techniques. Guitar strings start at just £4.95 and you can pay up to £30 for more deluxe options. Our range of soft guitar cases start from only £5 and hard cases from just £20 for both electric and acoustic guitars. The different ranges and brands we stock for guitar strings include:

Alternative Ways to Learning

To fully complement your lessons and boost your skills in the comfort of your own home, our team are happy to recommend different books and DVDs
appropriate for your skill level. With a vast selection of tuition and musical grade books, we also offer the Lick Library™ DVDs to enhance your learning experience.

Contact us in Beverley, East Yorkshire, to learn more about our amplifiers and guitar accessories.

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